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Kiln dried timber

All of our hardwood planks are air dried and then kiln dried, on site, in our steam venting kiln.  The kiln drying process allows us to produce stable timber suitable for all domestic indoor uses. 

Live edge timber

We have a large range of live edge ('natural edge') sawn through and through boards, in a variety of native hardwoods. We believe that live edge timber is the perfect opportunity to introduce nature into homes and produces unique pieces of furniture.  



All of our firewood is either homegrown or locally sorced within Northern Ireland. Our firewood is processed on site at Ballytrim and air dried for a minimum of 9 months. Firewood is available to purchase from September to March. Collections only. 

Beams & Cladding

We offer a variety of European Oak, Douglas Fir and Spruce beams specific to your measurement needs. Our beams are air dried and meet structual requirements for roof trusses.

We provide a range of soft wood for indoor and outdoor cladding and are able to machine these to your required finish. 

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